DirectTV Hammers Comcast

Satellite has the advantage due to velocity as a result of gravity... cable is buried underground.Last July I bought an HDTV and called Comcast to find out about HD options. They signed me up and all was good. I few weeks later I added the DVR package and it was even better.

Not long thereafter I got a call where they were offering me my Internet for $40 a month at 12Mbps and my HD+DVR package for $33 a month. After fees and everything it was about $85 a month. I was pretty happy despite them not having all the HD channels I really wanted. DirectTV did have these channels but it cost a lot more. Switching wasn’t worth it.

Until I got my bill this month. It had jumped from $85/month to about $120/month. It turns out, the promotional period of 6 months ended. I wish they had bothered to mention it was a promotion package. I wish I had spent hours and hours on the phone and visit by three techs that couldn’t wrap their tiny brains around the concept that my cable modem had major packet loss and that it was the with everyone in our apartment complex. I wish after wasting all that time they didn’t knock on my door one night and admit they were wrong and they were fixing it but I got no concessions for all the hassle, loss of connectivity, and wasted time/money for a service I wasn’t getting the benefit of.

No, alas, after all my issues with Comcast. They finally got them fixed and then added more, but not all, the HD channels I want. Then they punched me in the gut by jacking the bill. Now, I punch back.

For nearly the same price of $69/month, I’m switching to DirectTV HD plus DVR for about $73/month once the promotion period ends in 4 months time. For the first 4 months, I only pay $65/month plus a $20 credit for going paperless from the start. On top of it all, I get NASCAR Hot Pass where I can watch my favorite drivers on a dedicated channel at every race plus I get a lot more HD channels than I did with Comcast. About 60 more HD channels to be exact. Pretty awesome.

Yeah, I know if there’s a bad storm I might lose my signal. But to be honest, if there’s a bad storm now my Comcast service acts pretty lame too. Typically because they receive their feeds from the nearly the same satellites. The benefits this time really outweigh the few bucks in extra costs.

Now, I need to ramp up my support for missile defense and making space a de-militarized zone. I don’t want the Chinese taking out my DTV satellite. Good thing they’re busy figuring out how to make it rain with the flip of a switch.


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  1. I agree whole-heartedly about Comcast, and if it weren’t for these beloved pine tres I too would have DirectTV. But I gotta tell ‘ya, FiOs is amazing. The picture is incredibly clear, and head and heels above directtv and especially Comcast.
    I will admit some jealousy for HotPass and the possibility of NFL Sunday Ticket…good for you stickin’ it to the man, kind of.

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