Microsoft Marketing Uses an Old PowerBook

Microsoft Security Updates show an old Apple PowerBookUnbelievable. Actually, I’m not that surprised.

First, I was headed over here to look into the licensing since Steve Ballmer is going around telling everyone if you buy Vista and think that it sucks you can downgrade to XP. It’s a win-win… you pay too much to Microsoft for a lack of substance OS and they will allow you to install a previous OS that most like more. In exchange, they take your cash (obviously) but they also still count the sale as a Vista sale so shareholders don’t lose confidence (right, cuz they’re all that stupid and can’t figure it out themselves)…

Okay, back to the topic. Right on the homepage… if you have their new Silverlight installed, is a security updates image featuring none other than an old Apple PowerBook. Beautiful. PC slapped in the face with a white glove. What’s more amusing is how the notebook image is several years old and still looks more advanced and clean than systems being released today by PC manufacturers.

These are real people, in real jobs, making real money – charged with the task to be this lame. For someone, this was a major accomplishment. Kudos to you, Microsoft! Maybe it’s examples like this that explain why people regard Vista as sloppy work.


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