26 Years Old – Still Learning to Walk – Ecclesiastes 7:23-25

PainLast time I wrote about my personal journey, I mentioned how my life’s vision is being constantly reshaped focusing my attention on specific goals. My shifting priorities as I ‘grow up’ are leading me down a path of new self-discovery that adds fresh depth to the previous 7 year chapter of my life. I thought I’d never emerge from that difficult time of trying so hard to be all God wants me to be and coming up just short of the goal every time. Doing your own stunts can hurt. Continue reading


Guava Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Orange-Habanero Mojo

Bobby Flay, auger in hand, stands in the ready position.

As is our Sunday night custom, we have found another awesome dish for dinner this week. One worthy of sharing with our beloved friends, family, and readers by one of my favorite culinary personalities.

Cara gets the credit for sourcing this meaty treat and we both added our collective knowledge to the adaptation. Before we give you our thoughts, scoot over to The Food Network and familiarize yourself with the recipe: Guava Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Orange-Habanero Mojo.

NOTE: Use of rented Home Depot Mini-Auger not required for this recipe. Image included to illustrate how Iron Chef Bobby Flay totally pwns the competition. Look at his smoking hand, FTW! Continue reading

Classy & Chic: The Skinny… On Minis

Jean Mini

This is a new blog post we plan to run regularly. It’s a woman’s perspective with a man’s thoughts included for balance. We hope people read this and realize the way people dress is an extension of what they think of themselves. That extension of themselves determines how people view them on the surface. What messages are you sending?

The Skinny – Her Point of View

There is something to be said for tiny people. There must be a lot of them I overlook at 5’2″. It never ceases to amaze me, these teeny pieces of fabric that are passed as “clothing” that not tiny people wear. Yes, people actually wear things like this. I often regret not having an extra robe or yard of fabric and stapler in my car so I can nullify this whorish couture. Continue reading

2008: The Year of the Write-In Candidate

Not impressedTwo candidates – No third-party contenders (there are three candidates). Of the top two, one I agree with about 50% of the time and the other only 35%.

Apparently, this is the most I can hope for. This is the best America has to offer me.

One guy seems to have very little patriotism and more criticism of America yet wants to be the CEO of the country he’s unimpressed with.

The other seems to be ultra-nostalgic for days gone by while his supporters are ultra-nostalgic for a candidate with charisma, excitement, and a commitment to the party’s fundamental values. Continue reading

Does WALL•E run Mac OS X?

Feel the Apple Love!I went and saw WALL•E last night. I’ve only been waiting for this movie for about a year. When it was over… I wanted it to start over again. You fall in love with all the robots, especially WALL•E and EVE. They are funny, curious, and spunky. Disney/Pixar has done it again.

EVE was apparently designed by the same guy that came up with the White iMac design. At least that’s the word on the street. But I can’t help but wonder if WALL•E himself doesn’t have a little Apple love inside him.

Several times throughout the movie he needed to charge himself from solar power… when the charge was complete, each time Mac lovers got quite the special treat. Turns out, WALL•E’s fully charged sound is very familiar to a sound popularized by the Mac brand. Continue reading

DirectTV Hammers Comcast

Satellite has the advantage due to velocity as a result of gravity... cable is buried underground.Last July I bought an HDTV and called Comcast to find out about HD options. They signed me up and all was good. I few weeks later I added the DVR package and it was even better.

Not long thereafter I got a call where they were offering me my Internet for $40 a month at 12Mbps and my HD+DVR package for $33 a month. After fees and everything it was about $85 a month. I was pretty happy despite them not having all the HD channels I really wanted. DirectTV did have these channels but it cost a lot more. Switching wasn’t worth it.

Until I got my bill this month. Continue reading

David Axelrod, Infanticide, & Obama ’08

David Axelrod - Chief Political Strategist - Infanticide - Obama \'08He is the Chief Political Strategist for the Obama ’08 campaign. Perhaps a better title for him should be: Chief Infanticide Strategist. Yes, you’re looking at the face of the chief adviser to Barack Obama. Last night on PBS’ “The News Hour with Jim Lehrer”, he was asked if John McCain was just like President George W. Bush. He felt they were nearly identical, citing a New York Times article (we won’t discuss their journalistic integrity debacles of late) run over the weekend. He didn’t stop there. He felt it was necessary to remind viewers that Obama was the candidate of values proclaiming him a champion, first and foremost, of a woman’s right-to-choose. How drippingly sweet. By proxy, that is to say, David Axelrod is the chief infanticide proponent in the Obama camp. Continue reading