Safari, finally… thanks to AdBlock

Apple - Safari
For the past several years, I’ve been bound to Firefox for it’s better functionality and security over Internet Explorer. When I switched to Apple, Safari was still untested and unproven, so I continued to use Firefox.

I almost switched over a year ago, but then I found out Firefox had an extension called AdBlock (no explanation required).

I hate ads − exception, Google. Text ads like those employed by Google are fine.

But ads that include Flash with some stupid dancing animated fool acting like a wild animal because they supposedly refinanced their mortgage are obnoxious and tacky. Ads that lack grace and slow system performance by hogging resources for their lame animations are bothersome, tiresome, and should be banned from gracing my processor’s pipeline. And as far as that objective goes, mission accomplished. Besides that, I’ve never once felt the urge to click something so lame. I also believe I should never be forced to view something so lame as I read the news.

Safari didn’t have a wonderful ad blocking plug-in feature to re-virginize the web. I’ve been stuck with Firefox ever since. Until tonight when I was browsing TUAW and ran across this blog.

Now my Apple experience feels holistic and pure. I can finally utilize all the sweet features of Safari sans marketing stupidity. And I think to myself, “What a wonderful world.”

Now before anyone flames me for trying to ruin the ad revenue of popular sites, hear this: if the web marketing community would stop putting ads with any of the following material, there would be no need for an Ad Blocker.

  • sexually suggestive phrases, men, women, or situations
  • inefficient code/scripts
  • pop-ups that cover nearly the whole screen where it’s impossible to find the close button
  • use of Flash (and now Microsoft Silverlight – great, another genius MS product)
  • lack of creativity and/or class

It’s pretty simple. Until web marketers accept responsibility for their crappy work, I will not allow it to clutter up my browser.

For now, thank you AdBlock. I can finally begin my long-awaited Safari.


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