This is why we pay taxes?

No Parking...

Seriously, this explains so much as to why we can never balance the budget, provide excellent (and useful, I might add) services, and cut taxes.

A couple of quick questions…

  1. Who is concerned about properly parallel parking and disembarking their vehicle during a flood?
  2. Who, after an area has flooded, is concerned about making sure their vehicle is properly parallel parked in an obvious flood zone?
  3. What tow service advertises that they operate, not just during, but literally “in high tide”.
  4. The graphic is misleading, there is no graphic depiction of flooding or the risks implied therein. If I was illiterate, I would not see the imminent danger.
  5. “Flood Emergency Zone” – Is there a sign, or map, indicating the boundaries of said zone? Is there a Flood Non-Emergency Zone better suited for parking? If so, should we drive around the flood zone desperately trying to find it?

Finally, to no one’s surprise, as if the sign was not already completely useless — the money was spent, the sign was made… and it has yet to be removed from it’s plastic protective wrap (i.e. it has never been installed.)

In conclusion, this is why the line-item veto is strategically important to reducing government largesse.



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